Submission Criteria

By submitting content, you are agreeing to abide by our Policies. Please be sure that your listing meets the following criteria:

  • SageMint reserves the right to edit, modify, or reject directory submissions for any reason.
  • Organizations which are overtly political, or primarily for the purposes of fundraising, should not be submitted to the directory.
  • User-submitted content will be held for moderation until approved. Users will be notified by email of any changes to the status of their submission.
  • Directory listings should be proof-read for clarity, accuracy, proper spelling and grammar, and length. Submissions which require excessive editing will not be approved until they are corrected by the user.
  • Directory listings should be suitable for, and offer an evident appeal to, local homeschooling families.
  • Businesses and organizations should fit naturally within the categories of the Directory. (If you would like to suggest adding another category, please contact us.)

How to Claim Directory Listing

Once you have ensured that the directory listing will meet these criteria, you can proceed with your claim. To claim a Directory Listing:

  1. Go to your listing in the Directory. (Use the Directory search box to find it, if necessary.)
  2. In the toolbox, click on the flag icon as shown in the picture below.
  3. Login to your account. (If you don’t yet have an account, register here.)
  4. In the Directory Dashboard, provide evidence that our site administrator can use to verify ownership. (For example, a domain-based email address that matched your organization’s domain, phone number for verification, etc.)
  5. Click SEND CLAIM. You will get an alert: “Listing was claimed successfully!” However, the claim remains pending until it is verified and approved.
  6. You will receive an email when your claim has been processed. (Listings that are in dispute may not be visible until and unless they have been approved for transfer.)
  7. You can view your pending claims by visiting your Directory Dashboard.

Please remember that by submitting content, you are agreeing to abide by our Policies.