Classical Conversations

  • BRAIN Book Resources

    Upgrade a basic journal and supercharge note-taking by starting a “BRAIN Book” to document Brainstorms, things to Remember, helpful Associations, Inspiring ideas, and other items of Note. Paste this fun graphic into a simple dot journal (or any notebook) and start filling your “BRAIN” with class notes, sketches, tasks, vocabulary lists, calendars, and anything else you want to use, reflect upon, or treasure. Choose your Challenge level and the color for your brain graphic — Cool or Pastel — to suit. A PDF of basic instructions are included.

    Purchase includes:

    • Instant download of a 2-page, letter-size PDF with level-specific brain graphic (5″x7″ each, arranged two per page) in two color ways, plus instructions
    • Personal Use License
    • Download access until May 1, 2024, including any updates and errata

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  • Survey of Western Worldviews


    “It is no accident that the history of art, music, and drama follows the history of philosophy.”

    — R.C. Sproul, The Consequences of Ideas

    This Survey of Western Worldviews PDF is designed to help students track the development of Western Philosophy, and its subsequent impact on art, music, religion, politics, and culture. This printable table provides a summary of philosophers and their ideas, as well as coinciding movements in art and music, with additional connections to major rulers and political figures, religious developments, and timeline events.

    Download includes:

    • Instant download of Survey of Western Worldviews files, including:
      • Survey of Western Worldviews PAGES (for 8.5×11 printing)
      • Survey of Western Worldviews SPREADS (for 11×17 printing)
      • Personal Use License
    • Download access for one year (365 days) from purchase date, including any updates and errata

    Digital download only. No physical item will be shipped.