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School is in Session { FREE DIGITAL RESOURCE }

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So here we are again. House-bound. Scruffy. Getting on each other’s nerves. Desperately endeavoring to check off a few of the boxes demanded by the overactive conscience of a diligent homeschooling parent.

To be perfectly honest, that’s my typical weekday under the most ordinary circumstances. Because homeschool. And springtime.

But this is Corona-ville. Quarantine Town. Some days, it feels like a post-apocalyptic bizarro-land befitting a Mad Max movie. Yes — that’s absolutely an exaggeration. But never before have I had to gear up with particular clothing and supplies for a grocery store run. Welcome to 2020.

Part of the “new normal” in which we find ourselves is the widespread closure of schools, with the interesting/awesome/hellish (pick one) result that most parents are, by default, schooling their children at home without ever having intended to.

I have a lot of latent thoughts and advice for the “suddenly schooling” parents out there, but those will have to wait until we actually finish our school year at the end of this month. Because homeschooling doesn’t cancel for nothing.

Except migraines and the stomach flu.

However, as my neighbors and I have discovered, our offspring are unimpeded by the exigencies of the calendar. In their minds, if school is OUT, summer is ON. Which leaves us parents in the sticky situation of competing — on a rotating basis — for our children’s attention with the never-ending doorbell.

In summers past — because our family does (at minimum) math and reading all year long — I have used a sign by the front door to inform the neighborhood kiddos that we’re unavailable. But now everyone needs a sign.

Finally, a problem I can solve!

I whipped up a design, printed and laminated a bunch of them, and then shared ’em with the neighbors. Now the whole cul-de-sac can tell everyone else’s kids to buzz off… in a nice way, of course. (In fairness, I actually printed black-and-white ones on bright yellow cardstock because, although I loathe yellow, it is nice and visible from across the street.)

I know this is a nationwide problem, so I’m posting them here as a FREE PRINTABLE. To download, click on the product image above and complete the checkout process. (The printable is FREE FOR PERSONAL USE only.)


Perhaps now you can get some schoolwork done, too.



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