BRAIN Books { Updated for 2021-2022 }

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For my BRAIN notebooks, I purchased a dot journal for each student at Michaels. Each 6″x8″ journal has 249 pages, a lined index, two bookmarks, and an elastic closure. There are plenty of colors to choose from, especially if you want each student to have their own color. (Similar lined journals are also available from the same source.)

Each student will get a BLANK journal with the Cover Image pasted in, a timeline ready for them to fill, and a copy of the instructions sheet below.

BRAIN Book Cover Image

I printed these on full-sheet labels, cut off the excess (on the dotted cut lines), and then applied them to the first page inside the front cover.

You have two choices of file (click the image to download a PDF):

Pastel Rainbow Brain
Blue Green Brain


I printed these on white cardstock. I recommend printing on both sides — otherwise, the timeline is too bulky to fit nicely in a notebook. With printing on both sides, you will have a five-panel, ten-page, 5×7 timeline spanning 500BC to 2400 AD.

This printable is split into two files. First, pages 1 and 2 (click the image to download a PDF):

Pages 1-2 (prints two copies of the first page)

These pages are doubled up, so print one copy of pages 1-2 for every two timelines you need.

Secondly, you will need pages 3-6, here (click the image to download a PDF):

Pages 3-6 (one copy of the remaining pages)
Print one set of pages 3-6 for each timeline needed.

After printing, cut them out along the dotted cut lines, and hinge the pages together using 1/2″ washi tape. Leave a small (1 to 2mm) gap between each panel so the pages will fold properly once assembled.

Timeline Portraits

If you want to help your students along in making their timeline, you can download this set of miniature portraits of all our Famous Astronomers. Print them on full sheet labels or copy paper for your students to add to their timelines.

Each sheet contains two sets of astronomers.

Instructions Sheet

Here is a PDF of the basic instructions I will give to my students.

Instruction Sheet

There are lots of additional resources on dot journals online, including spreads and layouts for students or teachers. Use search terms such as “dot journal” or “bullet journal” to find more.


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  1. These are so wonderful! Is there any chance you are going to update the timeline pages to say 2020-2021? I know you don’t know me and it’s a lot to ask from a stranger!

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  3. Love these resources! Thank you so much for providing them! Would you be willing to provide one without “Challenge B” or the school year? I would love to be able to use them for other levels of Challenge.

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